FUSE general update and upcoming 1.0 news

Hello vvvvolks

We just wanted to write you an update about the current state and future direction of FUSE.

We are working in the next weeks towards a 1.0 release and there are a bunch of exciting goodies there already and on the road ahead and we just wanted to keep you informed and in the loop. For various reasons a fairly comprehensive rewrite of a lot of the core systems was needed. Huge kudos to @texone for his lengthy and heroic efforts in this regard.

Whilst this means some breaking changes the 1.0 version will be as a result:

  • More robust and scalable for production
  • More extensible
  • Better integrated into vvvv gamma & Stride
  • Less need for breaking changes in the future
  • More details on these points to come

Going forwards this will mean

  • The new 1.x version will be compatible vvvv gamma 5.x
  • The older version will still work with vvvv gamma 4.x however will become legacy and only receive minor updates

As always we greatly apricate the kind support of the devvvvs and as you will see some of the really cool new features are really made in tandem with their work on the latest Custom Regions API.

In lead up to release we will also do a little bit further refactoring and quality control, which may also cause minor breaking changes. We apologize for any hassle this may cause. We felt it was a good timing to fix as much as possible these things now to have a solid foundation going forwards. Upcoming help documentations should help a lot with this but if you do find yourself with a patch that you need to migrate and get stuck and need some help or assistance we are happy to take a look with you.

A preview of 1.0 release is now ready as easy nuget package. Between here and official release we will mostly focus on improving documentation, other QoL things like making node sets easier to find for newcomers and preparing some propaganda. We may also ask for some specific feedbacks and testing shortly. We really want to get things to a stage where we can also be proud to together promote the finished release outside of our community as well.

Regarding Funding, we will make more noise when it comes time for release but please note that future financial support will be handled though The Fuse Lab Open Collective.

Lastly note we will also be teaching a number of FUSE workshops using the 1.0 setup in the Node Summer Workshops this June:

  • June 8th: Introduction to the FUSE library
  • June 15th: Deep dive into the FUSE library
  • June 15th: Programming Particle System using the FUSE library (Introduction)
  • June 22nd: Programming Particle System using the FUSE library (Advanced)

Much Lovvvve,

The Fuse Team