Fuse examples version error

after clearing all my versions of vvvv I just installed the 5.2 stable.

I would like to use Fuse, and exploring the Help Browser examples the “last saved with version…” red flag appears very often.

It says: “last saved with version 2023.5.3”.

Also in the dependencies it seems that VL.Stride.TextureFX [2023.5.3] is missing.
If I try to install the missing dependency the command line says that the package it does not exist.

I don’t understand if 2023.5.3 is meant as the version of vvvv gamma or Stride library…

I’m very confused, looking forward for someone to help.

Thank you very much.

the latest FUSE only works with previews up ~273
Install this preview and try again.
Preview 273

you might have to install FUSE again with the -pre parameter.

Thank you very much, now it works.

Since latest features are not crucial for me, what if I would like to have a stable version setting? What versions should I get of both vvvv and Fuse?

Thanks again!

as there are breaking changes between the FUSE version that works with 5.2 and the later versions, I would go with preview 273 and the latest FUSE for now.
as you might create stuff in Gamma 5.2 that will not work once 6.0 comes out


what would be the best way to avoid problem among different gamma&fuse versions?
I understood that gamma launcher have the option to force a specific folder for a specific fuse release ? making a .bat for each scenario ?

I would like to know what is the latest “stable” combination of fuse&5.x previews and finals, and how to make them coexist on the same pc