Funky .net

something (probably visual studio) fucked up my .net installation.

basically, vvvv setup complains about a missing .net 4.5

the dotnet installer won’t install , saying there is a .net 4.5 installed.

who is lying ?

what is vvvv setup checking ?


so and is vvvv still running?
or is this even on XP with b33.7? then see:

no sorry, windows 8.1 most recent everything
vvvv runs

last things i installed are visual studio 15 rc and xamarin.

maybe .net 4.6 got installed. tried cleaning up everything, no luck.

would be interesting if .net is actually missing since everything seems to work fine…

well, if everything runs then it doesn’t seem missing.
is there a difference if you run setup of b33.7 or a33.9?

yeah every old v4 version says its missing, so does some .net checking tool.

seems like the usual microsoft crazyness. looks like i have to reinstall/repair windows. i bet it was the visual studio release candidate doing something to my registry.

ah, good to hear that another .net checking tool reports the same. well then, ja i guess there is probly smn broken.

I installed Visual studio RC 15 recently on win 8.1,
for me beta 45beta33.3 setup says .Net 4.5 is missing but not fairly recent 50alpha33.9.

Wasn’t there a recent fix/report related to setup incorrectly showing red under certain circumstances?

@beyon: hm…as far as i remember the fix was only related to XP…

sorry can’t help myself:

I made a f# script based on the msdn documentation on how to detect which .Net version is installed, results:

v4.0 Client
v4 Full 4.6.00057 Client 4.6.00057
v3.5 3.5.30729.4926 SP1
v3.0 3.0.30729.4926 SP2
v2.0.50727 2.0.50727.4927 SP2

System.Version = 4.0.30319.0
dotNetVersion = “4.6 RC or later”

And as mentioned earlier 45beta33.3 setup -> .Net 4.5 = red while 50alpha33.9 setup is green.

So it seems either the XP fix changed behaviour even on other systems or something else changed as well?

MSDN reference:

ah, indeed i forgot. there is of course also the new check for .net>4.5