Fullscreen Woes with Matrox and Boygrouping

Hello there! I have a complicated scenario, where I’m trying to drive three monitors on a client machine with Boygrouping and a Matrox TripleHead2Go.

My problem is that I want the renderer to go fullscreen as soon as the patch loads on the client machine, and for that I need to set the renderer resolution as high as the triple screen resolution. But it seems that’s not possible since my server machine’s resolution is far lower than that. Also I thought maybe I could have a value IOBOX attached to the renderer with values of that resolution, but again I can’t do it since the “FullScreen Resolution” pin in the Inspector is a “configuration pin”.

For now my approach is to load the patches then go to the client machine, change the renderer resolution manually and press ctrl + alt + enter to make it fullscreen across all monitors! There has to be a better way! ???

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense. Any help is much appreciated.


without having a huge amount of boygrouping experience, my bet would be that @msbergers)) ((msberger.Modules.EX9 would be the solution.

edit: it is of course his SetRes (EX 9) I am thinking of… just noticed I linked to a page for his EX9 modules


Thank you so much for that pointer sunep. That’s a handy little module.

I was successfully able to change the renderer resolution on the client machine, but still when I go full screen from the server, it only full screens to the left most screen on the client. Again, it works fine if I do Ctrl + Alt + Enter from the client machine. Any ideas?


change desktop resolution on client machine on any else from 2go list

sorry but what’s a 2go list? :\

I think what antokhio means is that you need to first use SetRes to choose a resolution other than the one you need and then switch it to the desired triplehead resolution.

the 2go list is the list of resolutions that the triplehead2go displays eg. in the inspektor.