Fullscreen video bug

Does anyone know why the VideoOut (DShow9) node drops out of fullscreen mode when you switch video inputs?

I’m trying to build a simple TV-channel-like switcher where keypresses swap between various QuickTime videos.

You can see the problem if you take a look at my sample patch (BTW, the test videos use H264 codec): when you start it, you’ll see the video(0) looping windowed. The ‘f’ key will toggle you in and out of fullscreen mode; and the ‘1’ key will toggle between video(0) and video(1). Try switching to fullscreen mode, then switching videos - it drops out of fullscreen every time. I’ve tested on 2 different machines (Intel/ATI and AMD/NVIDIA) with the same effect.

Does anyone know the solution or a workaround (and please don’t tell me to create one large video, since the final setup would have dozens of tiny videos)? Otherwise this seems like a bug to me, since the ability to play fullscreen while simulataneously switching videos would seem to be a desired requirement for certain kinds of installations.

TV_test.rar (995.3 kB)

yep, this is a known problem.
with a known solutio. see here: http://vvvv.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=9086&forumId=7&highlight=videoout%20fullscreen

Thanks for your fast response; I’ll give it a try.

Works great! Thanks again.