Fullscreen trouble with matrox triplehead 2go

hi patchers…
I am having some troubles with a matrox triplehead2go here. Please help!
the problem is:
Going full screen does not what it should do. I am using a well-supported 3840x1024 resolution on 60hz. I have only one monitor activated in the display properties. The correct resolution is stored within the patch, even after restarting.
BUT: Most of the time going fullscreen (per pin) the renderer would squeeze the complete image in the left of the three outputs of the triplehead. sometimes it works, but most of the time not.I’ve even tried the /dda commandline switch, but without success.
Did anyone experience something like this? There must be an easy trick or something as it worked many times.



I noticed the same in few cases :

  • Different kind of screens
  • If using an analog series with a VGA to DVI cable plugs into the screen
  • Bad refresh rates ( but you seems ok)

Have you got the same refresh rate into Windows and vvvv settings ?

Here is what I can tell you about my experience with that tricky hardware


I was having loads of trouble using my triple head until I installed the latest drivers from their website and stopped using the ones on the CD that came with it. Try that.

cheers for the hint
i’m having similar problems.

I’m having exactly the same issue again with a completely different system.
This is a Matrox Triplehead 2Go, Digital Edition and a Radeon X1950 Pro. Newest drivers for Graka and Matrox.

Same Matrox and patch works fine on the other machine with Quadro FX grafix.

Edit: No it does not work on the Quadro FX system eiter… same problem. I think this could be a vvvv issue.

What is happening?

I got 3 screens via the Matrox Triple on first grafic card output and one screen on the second output. the 3 screens on matrox triple should render fullscreen 3840x1024 while primary screen shows the patch window.
When I switch the renderer to fullscreen it actually goes fullscreen -> my grey windows background goes to the color of the renderer. I can also change the color of the renderer in all 3 screens, but all rendered items get squeezed into the left-most screen.

It did actually work before to get everything in proper fullscreen but it is obviously not working as it should.

Any suggestions?

Hey zepi

I had a similar problem, I think you can find the solution in this thread

matrox dual/triple heads now come with the their ‘powerdeskSE’ something software. there, somewhere hidden, is an option, whether fullscreen should only be applied to the display the current window is inside or over all of them.
it solved the problem for me

My recent installation featured two Matrox TripleHead2Go analog edition connected to an NVIDIA 8800GT dual head card. The goal was to use six TV sets in span mode and a 4800x600px full screen renderer. I had all these problems described here and could only work in the largest res (7100x1024 something px) reliably, having had to adjust the TV screens manually.

Once I had uninstalled the Matrox drivers from the system, the 4800x600px res was there to stay, even after numerous reboots and full screen switches. Thanks to @bjoern for the hint, may that’ll help you too?