Fullscreen the Renderer Craps Out

I’ve been using this patch on my laptop where the patch is on one screen and the renderer is full-screen on another (extended desktop). Now I’m testing the same patch on my new build (mentioned here: http://vvvv.org/forum/have-any-advice-for-a-new-system-build). With the renderer in window mode on the second screen it works fine, but when I go into full screen the renderer turns white and that’s it. Any ideas?

Create a Renderer (TTY), does it show any error messages?

I get this error over and over:

couldn’t draw vertexbuffer. D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

hard to say… can you post the patch if its simple?

If your patch is complex try to delete stuff step by step to isolate the error. If the error disappears, the node you deleted lastly is most likely the one that caused it. Post the reduced patch here.

You could also try whether the error also occurs:

  • with an empty renderer

  • with only a quad

  • with only a simple shader, e.g. constant

  • when going to fullscreen on the first/other monitor

  • setting a different fullscreen-resolution

  • with other vvvversions

  • with different GC drivers

Thanks guys. I deleted the video portion of the patch and it started working. It turns out it was simply the Fullscreen Resolution setting of the Renderer. For some reason it automatically changed to 1024x768. When I changed it to 1280x720 it worked with the video. I don’t really understand why it wouldn’t just squeeze/stretch the video but whatever…

My new problem is: I want to set the Renderer to 1920x1080. However, in Windows 7 I had to force this resolution because it thinks my monitor doesn’t support it (not exactly sure why except that I’m using VGA for the second monitor but DVI for the primary)…

It seems that the Renderer will NOT let me choose a resolution that has been forced in Windows. Is there a way to override this behavior so I can choose the resolution my monitor is actually using?

Changing the resolution manually by editing the patch in an text- / XML-editor sometimes works.