Fullscreen switching in videoOut


i have a simple client patch that takes a file path over udp and sends it to a filestream that outputs via VideoOut node. everything works fine so far, but the fullscreen mode just wouldn’t work. if i set fullscreen on VideoOut with a ValueAdvanced box to 1 the screen will go fullscreen but go windowed the next time the input file changes via udp. then only if i disattach and reattach the value box the video will go fullscreen again. i tried to do a workaround by applying a Change(String) to the UDP node and set fullscreen to 1 everytime a new file comes in (and hold it otherwise with S+H and FrameDelay). This works most of the times like the window goes windowed and goes fullscreen right after (sometimes though it stays windowed). Either way this is not a very acceptable behavior. i have10 clients with a beamer each which should stay fullscreen all of the time no matter what. any ideas how to do it? do i need a different renderer?


this is a consequence of the inner working of the VideoOut node and should be considered as a bug.
As VideoOut is quite unflexible, the usual way of doing things would be with a EX9 renderer. Create
FileStream->VideoTextue->Quad->Renderer (EX9)
connect a Scale (Uniform) set to 2 to the Renderer to make your video fill the screen in the renderer