Fullscreen resolution DX11

when I try to go fullscreen on a fullHD display with Renderer DX11 I get a backbuffer resolution of 2400x1350.
Also if I go fullscreen with a DX9 renderer set to fullscreeres->As Desktop I get a 1024x768 resolution.

seems like your system does not report the resolution as expected. 1024x786 is the fallback. in DX9 just set the desired resolution by hand, don’t know much about DX11 fullscreen setting…

io you sure this is with latest beta? i remember we had such troubles with earlier versions…

I can’ t reproduce the issue anymore. iirc there was a nvidia driver update in between.

Having wired issue here got 3 th2go 6 full hd beamers the res drops from 3840x1080 to 2560x720 for no reason when it goes fullscreen, so far I could find w8 actually resizing windows for each screen. Changed zoom settings lol wonder if that solves that crap.

Are you using GXM or jus the Windows drivers?

Was that a typo or are you using some weird format? 3840x1080 doesn t sound to me as anything standard…

Three trippos in 2x full hd mode
It actually was windows 8 where u had to check “Use windows same size” in some kind of zoom settings in display settings. Lol.
Seems it dependent on ur main screen res, so when u have screen bigger size then Beamer it will shrink ur windows to some kind of upscale format resulting incorrect resolution in the end lol.

DX11 still has no “real” fullscreen mode, it’s just maximized & borderless, right?