Fullscreen Renderer and Sleep

Hi All

Sorry if I incorrectly categorized this as a bug.

I have just had a fight with an installation that crashed vvvv every half hour. I have a checklist that I run through whenever I set up a new machine, that includes disabling all automatic hibernation and sleep modes. but for some reason, after a while, this machine turned sleep after 30mins of no user interaction back on.
This made vvvv running in fullscreen mode crash, and it took me quite some time to realize that it was the sleep mode.

I would think that a program also vvvv could disable sleep and hibernation while in fullscreen, like mediaplayer when you watch a film.

could we please have this, it would be super nice to have this additional element of robustness.

the machine ran win7 64bit, intel HD5000 graphics, vvvv beta31.2 32bit.


a PowerState (Windows) would be super for those tasks

+1 for this sunep! I have had this problem so many times and can confirm that on full-screen, most of the time, on sleep/hibernation or whatever it crashes vvvv.

Also not sure if you guys have had the problem but when you lock your comp (CTRL+L) and then login, vvvv seems to struggle, not always but most often some things stop rendering or something goes wrong… that happens even when not in full screen, it seems. Cheers

and i must assume such a thing should be written as a plugin in no time once someone finds the right windows API that does that…

I imagine you guys are incredibly busy and I would rather you guys concentrate on the amazingly amazing vvvv50 but yeah sunep is right it would be nice to fix it…eventually. Thankx guys

@joreg,shouldn’t it be built into all renderers that can go fullscreen?

@joreg,shouldn’t it be built into all renderers that can go fullscreen?

well it could, but a simple plugin PreventSleep () should also do, right?

force pin for insomnia node

yes, prevent sleep could do it, but I would much prefer to have it as a hidden pin in the renderer that was enabled by default.

perhaps even better would be allow sleep, which would actively force you to set vvvv so it could go to sleep. I have been thinking about a use case where it would be desirable to have vvvv go to sleep, but I can’t think of such a case.