Fullscreen Problem

Hellou … i saw many discusions about Fullscreen (EX9) problems. But none of them matches mine.

When i Alt+Enter EX9-Renderer window it goes Fullscreen, everything works just fine, but when i try to exit fullscreen, it get stuck. Playback still goes on but Alt+Enter, Alt+F4, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+W wont work. Only Windows button works … but it goes back to fullscreen in second. Computer isnt stuck … just VVVV wont go away.
Sometimes, SOMETIMES - Alt+Enter close the fullscreen, everything works perfectly, exept mouse cursor wont go over VVVV windows … it just dissapear when i cross over VVVV.

Renderers Fullscreen Nod is free, i tried reinstaling.
Sorry i dont know what seems to be the problem.
Thank you for any help.

sounds strange…

for a test could you try:

  • start vvvv with an empty patch
  • create only one node: Renderer (EX9)
  • try alt+enter to go into and then back out of fullscreen

do you also see the same problem in this very simple test?

Yes … same problem with just Renderer in empty patch.

Thank you.

am afraid i don’t really have an idea then.

just the obvious: make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed and use latest vvvv.

and any chance you can try this on another PC?

Drivers up to date … and it works on another PC.
Sadly … this must run on this machine.


Thank you very much :)
still open for any ideas .

you can try to set the fullscreen size of the renderer manually instead of using “AsDesktop”. sometimes the system doesn’t report that correctly.

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