Fullscreen Problem (renderer EX9)

Hi everybody!

I’ve got a problem with the Fullscreen on VVVV.

I need to modify my patch on my computer screen, and the result (the renderer) is on a 2nd display (LedWall, or Projection…) The configuration is ot in clone but in extend desktop (with different resolution)for the 2 monitors

Since a couple of month, I’ve got everytime the same problem, when I put my renderer windows on the second screen and bang the Fullscreen (or Alt+Enter) it became a strange signal with a little windows with my renderer and the desktop behind.

The only way I succeed to not have this problem is to change the device number (different of -1) in the Renderer inspektor, then the fullscreen go up normaly but frozen! I can’t even change the color of backround in realtime…

Did someone have the same problem? I’ve tried to change the format, depthbuffer format…but never with success…I have also reload VVVV with the last version but no way…

If someone has the solution it will be great!

Thank for your help!

very very odd. seems like you doing everything the right way. When you go full-screen, check the inspector for the renderer node, what resolution is it going full screen too? What does changing it do?

You say you get a strange signal with a little window with renderer and the desktop behind it… can you get a screen shot of it or photo with a camera?

Have you checked you’ve got most recent graphics drivers? What card are you using?


Thank for your answer,

I’m using vvvv on a 2012 Macbook Pro, but also on other computer as recent ASUS, but the problem seems to be the same.

I’ve tried to change the resolution but nothing change…

I will try to put the last drivers for my graphic card and take a screenshot (but It will be probably tonight, I haven’t time now…)

I let you know!

I had a lot of problems with render in second monitors,
and now the best solution for me was making a patch that recive a texture,and render it.this patch is opened in second monitor and in first monitor the sender pach.
it is working fine for me but some times in vvvv_32 it don´t work i don´t know why??
I hope this help you.