Fullscreen patches

at workshops with new useres you are usually reminded of the possibility of switching patches to full screen. while everybody usually agrees on first sight that this is cool, there are some usability issues, which make fullscreen mode somehow useless:

  • with tabbed patches the tabs on top should be still visble
  • the ctrl+tab feature to switch between different patches does not work in full screen

and while we´re at it, a feature request -

  • jannis is proposing a fifth component mode (“borderless”) which works similar to “windowed” but draws the windows without decoration - so the users can not scale or move the windows around anymore.
    he is working with screen grabber programs and wants to make sure that the renderer stays in some fixed position so that the screen grabber can get the image (same issue for versatile dvi-led drivers)

and/or how about adding more properties to the Window(Windows) node to include the usual windows properties (palette, borderless, topmost, menu (uh, that opens another bag of tricks), title, size, button mask) etc.?

@max: agreed. i think there could be many more nodes for dealing with HWNDs.

but the renderer could have the descriptive name as window title?