Fullscreen on server - boygrouping video sync


I am very new to vvvv, but really excited about the tonfilm video sync module, which works very great.
Due to my limited hardware quantity, I would like to even play video in fullscreen on the server.

Got everything started, and working great, but didn´t find an option or possibility to make it a fullscreen (on server!).

Actually somebody can help me with this?


mm…not sure if i get your problem. so you don’t know how to go fullscreen on the server? just like always: select the renderer window and press ALT+ENTER or set the Fullscreen on Renderer (EX9) to 1. that it?


ALT+ENTER doesn´t work for me! But I got it while making a new fullscreen link __ to the boygroup. So your guess was right, I just wanted to make the videosync server a fullscreen.

Hopefully you can even help me with the audio output, I didn´t get any. Tried various file-formats, like .avi, .wmv, .mpeg … but do never get an audio output from the video file.

I am sorry for my newbie-questions …

have you connected an AudioOut (DShow9) to the FileStream?


yes I did … screenshots attached


since AudioOut is not blue you’d only get audio on the server. if you’re not getting it on the server… hm…try with the most simple setup…ie. filestreams helppatch. does that also not give you any output? do you have options in the AudioOuts Driver?

I followed your instructions, but do not get any audio out.

when i try to go into the audioOut options, i only get windows framework.net errors.

what you mean with that?

can you try starting naked vvvv, open filestreams helppatch, choose one of your videofiles with sound. it should then start to play.

if not, please rightclick the AudioOuts Driver and report what you get there in the list.

Tryed the filestream helppatch and it works really great.

Mhmmm, but I still didn´t get the audio while syncing :(

Got it, after deleting vvvv and using a newer version.