FullScreen on projector when disconected

sorry if it is already discused topic but i canot find it.

I have VVVV patch open on my main laptop screen and video render on secondary screen, which is projector. It is fullscreen on .
First i have to start my projector and then i have to start VVVV or the render will go fullscreen on main screen and totaly freeze everithing. even “CTRL+Enter” or “CTRL+W” wont help.
Same thing happen when i acidently disconect projector when VVVV is on.

Is there a way to tell render not to jump to primary screen when second screen is not connected?
OR if it must jump … can it happen in way that it dosnt fuck up everithing? … :)

Thank you very much.
this would be life-saving information.

This is because of windows multiscreen handling. vvvv can’t render to a place that does not yet exists. You can try to avoid saving in fullscreen mode, or add such a hdmi port “protector” permamently to your machine. Or you start to begin implementing logic, that detects connected screen. (Just make sure they will always been in the same place… ;-)

Maybe try one of these

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