Fullscreen not working for EX9 Renderer in Windows 10

EX9 Renderer is staying black after being set into Fullscreen mode in latest Windows 10. DX11 Renderer is working fine. Any help appreciated.

anything in tty?

unfortunately not.

so i’m assuming you’re trying with b36 x64, just a renderer and a quad?
can you try on a different pc?

correct; unfortunately traveling right now without access to another PC. guess Windows April 2018 update broke something.

Can confirm that April 2018-Update (Windows Version 1803) breaks Renderer (DX9). Latest beta was just working fine on a PC here before the update. Please fix.

does starting vvvv.exe with /dx9 commandline argument work?

just checked, same thing here. nothing in tty, /dx9 doesn’t help. black fullscreen.

when i turn off vsync i can see the image in the blink of an eye when i leave the (black) fullscreen. in case that helps anything…
tried setting everything by hand instead of as desktop, didn’t change anything

yup, confirmed… same on my machine. also tried some different settings, nothing helped so far. graphics driver update? otherwise, heavy windows bug…

rightclick vvvv -> properties -> compatibility -> disable fullscreen optimization (or something alike) works for me


nice find, this seems to work. from what i read on the web, latest windows update seems to break quite some games with this feature. here is more options on how to disable it:

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Cool woei that seems to help! Thanks

The solution from woei works for me!
Thank you! Saved a lot of time.

Die dx9 ;p

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setup.exe of next beta and upcoming alpha will disable win10 fullscreen optimizations by default via registry key…


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