Fullscreen instabilties and crashes

Ive a tricky little patch that has issues running fullscreen both in normal and extended desktop. Infact it refuses to run in normal screen mode.

Basically the patch consists of the trautner feeding data to the rest of the patch which contains an EX9 renderpass feedback loop whos result is some snazzy fractal-like shapes. So it contains two renderers. Ive noticed that if i dont have both the renderers open (Alt-1) then fullscreen attempts crash (renderer on extended desktop). I’ve had this on other patches with two renderers in a loop. Also with this kind of set up i get sporadic crashes
and always when reducing the window from fullscreen to windowed.

I guess this info is a bit vague without the patch. But somebody may have had issues with multi-renderer patches where one of the renderers is set to fullscreen.