Full Screen Output, MOVs and midi input

How do you out put your render box at full screen so you can display your graphics on a projector?

Also how do you out put to a mov or avi file?

And last question, is possible to connect a usb midi controller (midi man oxygen 8) to control variables in realtime?

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  1. click into renderer then press (ALT+Enter). this also works with every vvvv-window, even with the inspektor…

  2. filestream, videotexture should be the nodes you need. put the texture to a render object e.g. a quad…

  3. when you connect it via midi this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


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And Monkeyche, regarding your question:

Also how do you out put to a mov or avi file?

Kalles reply covers displaying video inside a renderer. If you meant it the other way round - recording the output of a renderer to a video file -
the module to use is called “Writer (EX9.Texture NRT)” (see ampop - nonrealtimerenderer )

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Thanks for all your help.

hmmm, call me stupid but when I use secondary monitor (i.e. plug an S-video cable to my projector and click the ‘extend my desktop onto this monitor’ check box) I drag my render window to my secondary monitor (my projector) and then press alt+enter, it only full screens on my monitor not my projector. What am i doing wrong?


hmm click on you renderwindow (or the “renderer” node. hit ctrl-i. the inspector window opens. on that window select the secondary screen under “adapter”. then fullscreen your renderer by hitting alt-enter.

always use an inspektor (Ctrl+I), he’s your friend.
click on that renderer-node and you’ll find some “configuration pins” --> pins that are only in the inspektor visible.
there you can choose the adapter.

there are some buggy issues though documented somewhere in these forums, perhaps in the old vvvvorums. there is lots of information …