Full screen is changing resolution of 2nd output?

hi ! i m beginning a “real project” …

just discovered today this strange thing:

my second output is in 1920x1200 on an ATI 5800
when launching full screen of the renderer, the output changes in its widness, giving less image…
wich is quite bad, as i need the complete wild angle of the videoprojector, being very limited by distance with my decor.

i had made a right click and discovered that my setting was in 1024x768… until i put off the fullscreen of the renderer, then it came back.

could someone explain me this strange beahaviour that happens also on my laptop (Intel card) ?

i suposed that there is somewher to set this with vvvv ? a hidden conf file ?

You know those pins in Herr Inspector off the renderer? (read this)

hi west !
merci !


ok… this is not so easy in fact…

renderer when patch is reopen is set back by default to 1024x768…
so im obliged to set it thruth inspektor each time…

no visible input pin to definitively se it to my desired resolution ( 1920x1200) on open…

any idea ?

other little inconvenients:

-when having videos played inside different renderers inside the patch, the don t show up correctly on final renderer. i m obliged to alt-3 the intermediate renderers…

-when clicking on patch main renderer is flashing .

i will listen religiously to your advices , dear all … ( amen )


your “resolution problem”:
This module might help.


hi markus i will make a try tomorrow ! thanks ! :-)

hi markus ! this works pretty good ! thanks !
but how to set a basic renderer to have a pin ID ?

open inspector - select renderer - scroll all the way down in inspector - right click two times into the little square left to “ID” … voila


hi markus… scroll the way down… ok…
but its quite hidden , despite my resoultion is 1280 x 800

anyway many thanks ! your set patch routine is working exttremely good and stable in HD output ;-)

Clipboard01.jpg (90.0 kB)

@ markus:
thnaks realy about setres !
i m experiencing little strange things:
i m making my masks with setres subpatch apart.

but when putting the masks issued from this snapshot (png shots) inside my project, despite it is in same resolution and using setres in 1440*900, i need to translate X axes by 0.01 or 0.02 to give back my mask as it was snapshotted
this “seems” (but not sure) to be depending of number of quad and arbitrary points used and enabled.
do am i missing something ?

yours ;-)

hmm … i am not sure if i really understand what your problem is, but i am pretty shure that it has not to do with setres.
setres is not doing anything special … it is just “correcting” the xml using getpatch/setpatch.

What you are describing somehow reminds me of http://vvvv.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=25541&forumId=4&highlight=pixel
Could this be the same issue ?
The new feature gregsn is announcing in this thread should be available in the current beta 21 … have not tested yet.


hi markus, it could be the same thing, a bug coming from somewhere…
i m using mask on precise decor shapes, cutting projection with thoses masks .

when i m creating my masks i m using arbitray point to build the shape directly on the decor, with a patch alone, and set res
when using the png outputted from this, with uniform scale at 2.0, i m having a lille X displacement

i am not sure if i really understand what your problem is

thats me, markus ;-)