Fugstream .cfg frustration

Hi guys.

Been a while (2 years) since I discovered vvvv, really enjoyed it since today as I’m becoming mad about the fugstream freeframe dll.

I read everything on videostreaming page, installed the dll and all this stuff and I’m still having a popup while launching vvvv saying that it does not find the fugStreamSend.cfg file.

I installled it in C:\Documents and Settings\quemaPanda\Mes documents\FreeFrame\bigfug.com since I got the french version of vvvv and quemaPanda is my user name but no luck. I tried to create a second .cfg file in C:\Documents and Settings\quemaPanda\My Documents\FreeFrame\bigfug.com hoping that it would search the file in a english named folder but still got this hated popup telling me that it does not find the file.

Any help would be really appreciated.


hei lonah,

you should probably contact Alex May himself to find out more about your troubles. it’s been a while since i touched this, so i can’t help you any further…anybody?


Just to be sure, if the dll finds the .cfg file, no popup appears, right?

'cause I’m right now making so many versions of this ###ing file that I want to be sure.

Other question, do you guys have this cfg file in a “My documents/Freeframe/…” or “My documents/Your account name/Freeframe/…”


try to put the .cfg next to vvvv.exe and 2-d try to put it in the patch folder. Actually for me it worked nice when i put it in the docs and settings, but sometimes this fuc#### file really appears in some random place and you can’t move it whatever it moves itself to some another random place…

The good news is that I’m not alone.

Bad one is we’re not quite sure about the solution

Gonna try that. Thanks a lot.

Still not working…

Tried any folder I had, tried to duplicate “My Documents” anywhere (could write a script to copy it anywhere, still :) ), tried to put it in a PATH file.

with all respect : argl

The worst : I tried to download source code from bigfug but svn server and trac are down. With that, I could search for this ##ing hard coded (french2english, not sure) path and create it.

If anyone knows anything…

  • 2 : would patchbox, even deprecated, work ?

Progress! First computer to make it launch without the devil’s popup. For those intersted, it is with v1.11.0 (not the v 1.10.0) and with the cfg in vvvv root folder.

Will update the wiki if it definitely works