Fugstream and streaming

I’m trying to use the fugstream send and receive node to do a streaming between two computer, in two different place connected via adsl with fixed ip.

i’m doing this for an artistic installation… i need to do this via vvvv because i need to do some other effect on the video… wel…

i read the txt files and i did all but it doesn’t work…
the problem in with the fugstreamsend.cfg file…

i create the file in the position they say … my document/freeframe/bigfug.com/,
is there a problem if i’m using italian version of windows xp and the folder is called documenti/freeframe/bigfug.com/ ?
because every time i start the patch video streaming sender come out a popup with this message:

“Can’t find config for encoding”

the second question is…

if i have 2 computer connected to the web avery one with fixed ip is it possible use vvvv to do a sort of videoconference between the two computer…?
it’s right use fugstream to do it?

because i try with the tcp node but i can not find a good way to send the stream form a computer to the other in a lite and easy way.

if some one can help me i rally appreciate it…

thank you a lot


HI ales9000

I got it working some time ago ,
the PatchBox
has changed so i did not need to write this fugStreamSend.cfg , i did not even find it , the dll are now called pbVideoReceive.dll and pbVideoSend.dll i put then in the same folder than help patches made the connections , install patchbox and having it open while streaming , as far as i know it can just be used in intranet , but not sure .

hope it helps a little


hi colorsound,

thank you very much for your help,
I just try and it work right now…

i will check if it work via internet and i will write a feedback here…

any body know if there is a different and may be better way to do internet conference using vvvv?

thank you again



helo alessandro,

i just reworked the fugStream demopatches. see VideoStreaming. as stated on the site only MEM and TCP work for me at the moment. UDP would obviously be the most interesting mode for streaming over the internet though. i will contact alex about this.

is there a problem if i’m using italian version of windows xp and the folder is called documenti/freeframe/bigfug.com/ ?

i’d guess that it is looking in the language specific directory. so put it in the /documenti/… directory!

good luck. let us know if it works for you.

halo joreg

I see :-)

thank you very much… i tried all the stuff and right now it’s work very well…
(just some time crash depending on frame skip… may be because of tcp transfert)

there was only a crazy stuff happen to me that regard the windows update file:
i write this here just in case at some body else happened the same,

when i install the file downloaded directly form the link in the videostreming page… the freeframe plugin does not works
i try the file downloaded form this link:
microsoft update

and it’s was working… it is exactly the same file… may be little bit update…

any way thank you a lot again if you contact alex say thanks to him too… :-)



so UDP works well for you?

… no it does not work.