FrustumCulling and Mesh

This is a very rare bug.

If I connect my mesh to FrustumCulling it stops working, if I have an IObox inbetween.

I have 14.9 beta. I know its bad style to post old version bugs, but may be this is also an issue in newer versions.

Would be nice to have it working, so one could do a sort of performance subpatch.

ViewFrustumCulling (EX9.Geometry Mesh) bug.v4p (13.7 kB)

Okay, I found the issue - the io.node bin size has to be set to the right amount of meshes- In my example to 500, then it works.
But it doesnt make sense in terms of performance, though. So, no way of putting it into a subpatch.
At all its not really a bug, but unexpected way of behaviour.

fixed… no text …


may be its same issue, but if you plug ViewFrustumCulling not to xfile output pin directly, but after IoNode or getSliceNode, then its incredible performance soaking (in Debug mode), especially if you have nested x-files.

Sorry, to be back again.

FrustumViewCulling isnt working correctly al the time. Sometimes it happens that my modells are out, although they are supposed to be visible - actually I can see them switched off.
Its hard to reproduce - I attached two screenshots and a sample patch, where it happens sometimes at borders. Screenshot is showing a neuron system, build up by several modells, but some neurons are switched off wrongly. (82.3 kB)

Apparently, its gives me wrong data if its getting transform spreads.
And transform input data is not being read in at startup - you have to change some values first.
See attached patch.

3dmodell_spreads.v4p (22.1 kB)

It works fine, but I found a new one ;D
In Beta22 grid.mesh for frustum culling isnt working as expected.
Box.mesh in comparision is working properly. See attached file.

3dmodell_spreads2.v4p (34.6 kB)

hm? it works over here!

For me too. Strange.
Ahh, okay,it seems to be a copy and paste bug. If you copy and paste a frustum culling node, it doesnt show correct values any more. Just copy and paste one (including mesh box) and connect it to view node. Then bangs show different values than original.
Edit; Same in beta23.
And it occurs only if at copy and paste you include the mesh node too. So, frustum culling node and box grid node. Then it is buggy. Later, ff you make a new box grid node and connect it to frustum culling instead of the old one, it works fine.