From vvvv Beta: Send/Recieve Nodes

Possibility to create Connections without drawing them to avoid Situations like these:

Have used Pads often to Avoid this. problem is: they skip a frame so not usable when having “one frame” Operations.

Proposition: introduce a new Pad/Box Type Like S/R Box.

Advanced: Connections could be displayed when hovering above such a box/pad.

Actually pads are working fine for this, you just have to set the pad in an operation inside your Process that’s being executed before everything else (like Update) … so I often have a PreUpdate, PreDraw etc., do some calculations and consume them later in a different operation.

I think i misunderstood you the first time reading. (Or maybe not?!)
In My believe you could create much cleaner patches when you wouldn’t need to connect all of the elements you want to be executed within on frame.
RIght now when within one operation you have the skip frame behaviour bewteen the pad recieving input and the one reading the output.


Can you confirm that multiple operations can be executed within one frame? i wouldn’t know how to test this… then i think your solution might do the trick!

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