From Arduino over Processing to VVVV

hey vvvvolks

i try to establish the communication between arduino and vvvv to get data from my maxbotix range sensor. i know firmata and got it up running on my board and vvvv as well and be able to do simple actions like switching LED’s on and off BUT i dont know how to read the pulse data from that maxbotix sensor straight to vvvv. So my idea was to make an “indirection” over processing.

that’s my status quo:

  1. i already have my maxbotix range sensor running on my ARDUINO and receiving beautiful distance measurements
  2. i got the oscP5 library working in PROCESSING and sending data over OSC to my vvvv patch (and receiving them as well)
  3. now i try to receive data in PROCESSING from my ARDUINO using the “simpleread” example (should read serial data) but its throwing out an error and i stuck.

So do you know how i can read the data from the maxbotix sensor with firmata? Or do u have another idea or know a better way to get the data from my arduino to vvvv.

I would be happy about any hints. Thanks in advance.

Win 7 Pro 64 > Processing 1.5 > Arduino 0022 with Diecimila 168 > vvvv 45 beta 25.1


With the right sketch on your arduino board the sensor data is sent to the computer via RS232. There’s a node with just that name which is used to communicate with arduino.

You might wanna check out this documentation which helped me getting sensor data directly from my arduino to vvvv:

Concerning the firmata thingy:


that was the little missing part of my puzzle.
the tutorial arduino02 worked fine.

I recommend using the version of firmata on this page, along with the plugin from the patches download