Hello ,this is a little research about the fresnel effect and the implementation as SHaderFX in gamma.
the technique was inspired by UE4 fresnel shader

There are some minor things with complute float in the code that i will change soon as posible.there is a little bug with computefloats by the moment but works so far so good, Enjoy and throw any comments , ideas etc.
Thanks to tebjan for his great support.
FresnelFX.7z (1.4 MB)


Really cool! For FresnelIn i have no Pins

(latest preview .88 )

Check with the latest preview, as i said there are few bugs with compute floats that tebjan told me , works for me in latest one

mhh just installed the latest .88 (proxies) maybe the one before?

me running .83 check if it works and tell me

very odd unziped it again now its working in .88 :) Would be very helpful for me if you would consider commenting the shader im trying to do something similar and kinda clueless. in any case its already super helpful! thx for sharing :)

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Yes i will include a more clean an guided code for the people in the next release that will include normals input and an invert value output., the weird thing with compute floats is a bug, when you edit the shader and save changes input pins dissappear, if you close gamma and open, they are there .hope will be fixed soon

super useful shader :)


I miss it so much in gamma. is really useful for everyday! enjoy! that looks very nice btw ;)

Here we go! second preview of FresnelFx… some corrections in the ugly code , and cleaner shader.
More to come. please test with latest gamma preview and send your feedback .
would be extremely apreciatted. enjoy!
FresnelFX.7z (1.4 MB)