Freshman need help: Renderer Window is blank, it shows nothing

I am new of vvvv.
The renderer window is always blank and it shows nothing.
The “crack” is all green.
Thanks a lot.

so you create a Renderer (EX9) and it is blank. where blank is which color?

would also be interesting to hear on which system you’re operating, graphikcard,…latest drivers?

Have you tried connecting something to the renderer?

where blank is black.
and i have tried to connecte with quad(dx9),it shows nothing.
thanks a lot.

Assuming you’ve tried running one of the included patches, if not…Try running one of the help patches in girlpower folder. Also As joreg said, what is your graphic card? that is one thing to check if you have a black screen when running a patch.

you could also try running vvvv with /logstartup and post the resulting log-file here. see: troubleshooting#logstartup

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hallo, thanks you all.
joreg, i have tried again and installed the latest Graphic card driver, and it works good now.
Chang, is that you?