Freeze on filestream

when i play a video (filestream --> videotexture --> quad --> group --> renderer dx9) and i load a another video in a another filestream node i have a little freeze. how do ?

i had the same problem with picture and the solution was to convert all in *.dds. is it possible to video ?
(see the topic)

happy new year everybody

is it possible to assign a specific codec (like MPEG2) to the filestream node ?
maybe it can stop the freeze…

Is it just a brief pause as the file loads?
If so i tink its just a directx thing, its a smaller pause with yuv, but I’ve had some other problems with frame drops with that, you could give it a go though?

yes it is just a brief pause (0.5 sec)
“you could give it a go though”

what’s means : “you could give it a go though”

Try the YUVtexture instead of the normal videotexture node. If the codec outputs YUV, it is much faster, with my setup I get a very brief pause.

yes the pause is brief but i search to have no pause.

mm. i think then there is no way at the moment…
but improving videoloading in filestream is on my list of todos…

ok … no text …