Freehand drawing using Quad

I have put together a simple patch that is supposed to draw something that resembles freehand drawing. The problem is that quads are not inserted at every instance of the changes of coordinates resulting in somewhat dotted lines. The faster you draw the bigger are the gaps between the quads.
In my second patch I attempted to solve this by inserting more quads along b-spline but this method, although it filled in the gaps, made performance
too slow, only approximate and lagging behind the actual hand movements.
I am using Wacom but to make it clear I am posting the same patch only adapted for the mouse.
Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve my desired result?
I also want to mention that I do have to clear buffer of the render window as I want to use alpha in color. And I checked drawsmooth plugin but you only can draw with it for a certain number of frames, after that it is not responding and it has problems with transparency, so I would like to find an alternative.
Could someone help please? (32.2 kB)

without looking at your patch…

you can sample the last 2 mousepositions with a Queue (Spreads) and draw a Line (EX9) or a Rope (DX9) between them.

or you use this contribution

Thanks for quick reply, unfortunately neither Line nor Rope or tube2d(Mesh) can spread/change color or thickness during the process of drawing, and I also can’t apply texture to it so I can’t create different “brushes”. My initial aim was to use Quads as it is the only option that I know, unless someone has a better solution?
any ideas please?

maybe the draw patch from this nice contribution could help…

also this might be an option: DrawSmooth (DX9)

hi derber, resample (spreads) can be useful for what you want to do… look at the example.

QuadDrawingTool.v4p (15.1 kB)