I dont know whether this is your new inplimentation (cv2??) of freeframe or the plugin itself, Im using syzygy false colour plugin, in beta 8.1 I reliased that it was the cause of the crash on exit and reported it to them, today in 9.1 it behaves a bit randomly.
If I drag the io value it changes palette, if I connect it to something, to do it remotely it doesnt work, it will stick to whatever it is dragged to.
Lfo only goes to 0.01 now :(
I used the 0 as a stop with my midi controller! Still could I suppose with some patching!


sounds strange. does this especially happen with this one plugin? or can you reproduce it on others too? what’s the name of the .dll? can i download it somewhere?

They are commercial, I dont think there are demos, but they are quite cheap, and the pack they come from are very useful, the false colour was a special request from me!
I’ll try other plugins and let you know…


Happens with petes too!
Even an io box wont change the input, in fact when clicking to reset the io to 0 it doesnt reset either, although double clicking and entering a value does change the io but still not the plugin.
Anyone else?

ok. damn. then i know…
will have a tlook at that.

on marcs nice color tracker plugin the values get propagated only to freeframe when they are changed explictly on the pin. non when done over an iobox. a connected lfo will not change the value (only once at disconnect). might be a general problem though.