Freeframe trouble / contour for blob tracking


I’m trying to do blob tracking with a webcam, but I have a problem with the Contour node. I have found some patches that would work for this but when I open any of them I get a red contour node (clearly not working).
So I went into vvvv reference and supposedly you get this node with the addonpack, which I already installed and its working for other nodes. But it doesent include freeframe nodes, and I can’t use them in patches either.
So finally my question is, is this node included in the addonpack?
Can I get the freefame nodes separatedly from the addonpack?


please note that freeframes are missing in 64bit versions. are you using 32bit vvv + 32bit addonpack?

ahà, that’s whiy I could not use it. But this aplication has to run on 64 bits… do you might know if there is another way to do blob tracking with 64 bits?

first: you are aware that you can still run vvvv 32bit on a 64bit system, right?
second: alternatively have a look at vvvv.packs.image while it is still only available as a 32bit download at least this one could be built as 64bit.

or do the tracking in a 32bit vvvv process and send the data over to a second 64bit v4 instance.

to do this I should install the 32 bit 4v?
and then maybe send the data through OSC or something like that

yes exactly install both. then make sure to start v4 with “/allowmultiple”:

commandline parameters

it works perfectly :)