FreeFrame - TimeWarp

I’ve been trying out the TimeWarp plug in from Pete’s Plugins via the Freefame module (file attached).

The the default mode it works fine, but the documentation says there are other modes selected using the “Style” input. VVVV presents the “Style” as a “value”, but setting it to anything other than “0” doesn’t seem to produce any effect.

The plugin documentation doesn’t mention any values for different modes, so I wander in fact if this pin is an enumerated type and somehow the enumeration isn’t being correctly handled in VVVV or the Freeframe DirectX wrapper.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

PeteTimeWarp.dll (94.2 kB)

right. freeframe-enums are not yet handled so cool with vvvv. the documentation says the Style input has 4 states. so try:

  • 0-0.332
  • 0.33-0.665
  • 0.66-0.99
  • 1
    for those modes.

Yep that works. Thanks!