FreeFrame source sample

Hello, vvvorum, sorry if this is the wrong subforum for this (seems like my request doesn’t fit into any other).

I’m building a complex webcam ‘remix’ tool. I’ve managed to get my HLSL shaders working, and some of the built-in FreeFrame plugins. Works very well, I’m loving vvvv so far.

However, I’ve reached a point where I’ll need some custom effect and I want to do it with FreeFrame. I’ve downloaded the Code::Blocks sample from here:

But on a fresh Code:Blocks install (using windows), I get a lot of errors on mingw32/gcc’s own headers, stuff such as:

{CODE(ln=>1)}44 - expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before “typedef”^

On \lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.4\include\starg.h… and many, many more similar errors where it shouldn’t be. This seem to triggered by the #inclusion of windows.h on FreeFrame.h/FreeFrameSample.h and the likes.

I’ve tried setting the files up with Dev-CPP, but I get the same errors.

I’ve tried doing a lot of stuff, I spent my entire sunday on this, and wasn’t successful. I either get the same errors, or manage to get a compile that doesn’t work.

I’ve downloaded other online samples, and FreeFrame’s own sample, but I haven’t managed to successfully compile them either – again, I either get the same errors, or a dll is compiled but doesn’t work with vvvv.

I have downloaded the Countour/ColorTracker samples (thanks!) but they’re so hooked to OpenCV (I won’t need it) that I’m having trouble getting it separated and ending up with a simple sample structure I could reuse for my own plugin development.

Granted, I’m not a C/C++ developer, although I’ve used it in the past. But if I can get through this setup stage, the rest will be pretty easy. Can somebody point me on the right direction to properly get the ‘official’ FreeFrame vvvv sample working under Code::Blocks or Dev-CPP or any other such IDE?


hai guest.

sorry for the inconvenience. it seems there is only a very small problem which the compiler overlooks. in the file FreeFrameSample.cpp the first character in the first line is a ‘b’. i have no idea who put it there (but me). you can safely remove it and try to recompile.

code::blocks is the preferred ide.

hope thats it.

i have also just fixed that problem in the download.

Well, what the hell? You’re right, there was a ‘b’ there and it’s what was causing the compilation problems.

Why the compiler has been coughing on completely unrelated matters and ignoring the ‘b’ is beyond me. But it’s working wonderfully now and that’s what matters.

Thanks, joreg!

of course the whole community here is curious about your selfmade freeframe.dlls and would be very glad if you share them with us!


kalle: thanks for the interest. Right now the ones I’ve built are custom but fairly simple - custom thresholds, some distortion, things like that. Regardless, I’ll make them + their source available later when they’re polished, it’s for some college work that’ll take a few months.