FreeFrame plugins

Is it possible to use freeframe plugins in the latest version of vvvv? vvvv used to have a freeframe folder in the root directory - not recently. I would like to use these video analysistracking

How can this be done?

vvvv had a rework of its folder structure. freeframes are now in the /lib/nodes/freeframe folder.

The folder freeframe is not in any of the 45betas that i can see. I copy / pasted the freeframe folder into the nodes folder from an earlier version and vvvv doesn’t recognize the dll files. Somehow the freeframe wrapper doesn’t work… or just isn’t there… How can i get the wrapper to work?

it looks like you have not extracted the vvvv download correctly. please get a fresh download and extract it with 7-Zip. then you will have a freeframe folder in the /lib/nodes folder.

also note that you don’t need to copy any files. when you unzipped correctly those freeframe plugins will simply be available from the nodebrowser.

I appreciate your help guys however the freeframe folder is not there.

(I did use 7zip)

Aha - I have figured it out. I was using the 64bit vvvv. No freeframe folder there. There is a freeframe folder in the 32bit version however!!

Thanks again.