Freeframe plugin node doesn't show up in node list

I’ve written a freeframe plugin that doesn’t show up in the node list of VVVV. If I use drag’n’drop the dll is displayed in the patch correctly.
I’ve put the dll into the VVVV bin folder, freeframe folder and plugins folder - nothing helped.
What do I have to do so that my plugin is listed in the node list?

hm, do you have any freeframe plugin in the nodelist and are the plugins from the \plugins directory listed? if not you could be missing .net2.0, which is not needed for freeframe, but there still seems to be an error in the loading routine, that requires it.

Thanks for the hint. No plugins were listed at all. After I replaced the plugins folder completely by the “original” plugins folder, I can see my own dll now. Previously no freeframe section was visible in the nodelist (I’m using VVVV beta 17 and had some Visual Studio files in my plugins folder - maybe because I’ve built the plugins on my own once; maybe I destroyed something within the other dlls like Contour as well…). By the way: .NET 3.5 was already installed.

so, i am not sure from your posting…does it work now for you?

  • what is the “original” plugin folder to you?
  • “maybe because I’ve built the plugins on my own” i tend to call our c#-plugins “plugins” and the rest “freeframes”, “vsts”, “effects”. which plugins have you built yourself?

as far as i am aware .net3.5 would not help. you’d still need to have .net2.0 installed also.

Everything’s fine now, thanks.
The “original” plugins folder is the one of the VVVV installation/zip file proposed by this website.
It is possible, that I have replaced some files or added some others to the plugins directory after installation. However, I undid the changes by copying the plugins folder from the VVVV zip file to my VVVV installation directory and now I can see my freeframe nodes in the node list of VVVV.
I’m sorry for messing up “plugins” and “freeframes”.
(BTW: .NET 2.0 was installed as well)

just noticed the following really interesting effect:

my beta20 is located on PC1.

i run this beta 20 on PC1 and via network on PC2.

on creation of a new node:
the timeliner
*is contained in PC1’s nodelist
*is NOT contained in PC2’s nodelist

same with other plugins.

btw: aborting the node creation on PC2 freezes vvvv for ~15 seconds. but i mentioned this already somewhere else.