Freeframe plugin for PS3Eye cam

Hi, I wrote a freeframe plugin for capturing the sony PS3Eye webcam.
As you perhaps know, this usb webcam has very good specs : 640x480 @75 fps, 320x240@150fps, with one-frame latence, and costs only 40€.
I wrote this plugin for pure data but it may work with vvvv.

Could somebody look at my pure-data test patch and try, by writing a similar vvvv-test patch ?

You can download dll and source here :


had a try at it, but sadly doesn’t seems to work for me.

Is your plugin acting as a video source? in this case problem would be that vvvv freeframes requires a video input, so one way to work around it would be to create a dummy video with the correct frame rate to send to your freeframe and stitch the frame into that one, which sadly is not greatly efficient.

hopefully will have that working at some point because it’s a really good camera :)

Hi Vux.

Have you installed the pluging? i´ve tried but vvvv can´t load it, it shows that doesn´t find the plugin, but is in the correct folder.

Thanks a lot


yes it’s installed, but as said above doesn’t work because of the video input.

You need to instal the ps3eye driver to have the freeframe running (as it installs some libraries like winusb.dll).


hi, i use the ps3eye cam with pc, and with vvvv too, but only using this driver, from AlexPopovich. go here for some info about it. And, if you need a ps3eyecam tweaked for view only the infrared light, for using it in interactive installations or multitouch settings, you can buy it from the great peauproductions site.
i buyed it from italy, and it goes well ;)
anyway in the site you can found an interesting tutorial to tweak your own ps3eyecam


I instellalled the camera using “PS3Eye Camera Setup v3.0.0.0827” from popovich.

I downloaded the freeframe plugin from JYG at “”, put the “ff_PS3Eye_Source.dll” and the “PS3EyeLib.dll” into the VVVV freeframe folder.

But I always get the error “PS3EyeLib.dll wurde nicht gefunden”.

so what did i do wrong? any ideas?


i wonder, why do you need a freeframe plugin, the ps3eye should be directshow compatible as far as i know?


directshowfilter for ps3eye doesn’t work on some of my laptops (not all, no idea why) for some reason.

Also using native access is faster than going trough directshow.


I am trying to get two ps3eye cams running in vvvv at the same time but could only get one Camera working with the newest driver from popovich. Is this a problem of the driver related to directshow?

I found this thread:
but do not understand a lot of it.

I did download the CL-Eye Platform SDK and the multicam test of popovichs programm is working fine but I had no luck in vvvv.

Did anyone actually get two ps3eye cams running in v4?

thanks a lot

Had always good experiences running one ps3eye and cl-driver ( in vvvv. Works perfect and with a supersmooth framerate!

Now I am also trying to get multiple (2) cameras running in vvvv.
Does anybody have experiences/success getting a multiple ps3eye setup running in vvvv?

I can run CL’s “CLEyeMulticamTest.exe” from the CL-Eye Platform SDK with both cameras working fine, but in vvvv, I can only choose one “PS3Eye Camera”, I assume due single cam restrictions in the driver itself (the Multicam-Test probably uses the Multicam.dll which is in the SDK-Folder)…


ai benju,

does VideoIn (DShow9) list only one Driver? or does it list multiple but only one of them does something?