FreeFrame plugin for color tracking?

sali boys (or are there any girls around),

does anybody know a freeframe plugin which can track colors?
i’m looking for something similar like the contour plugin which does the same thing (give x/y coordinates) but now with a certain color instead of a contour/contrast.
eg. track the position of a person wearing a red shirt.

and yes i know this can be easily done with eyesweb … but i wanna do it standalone just with vvvv.

i tryed it with pipet, but it’s too slow on my notebook (i wanna have a good resolution)

greetings from basel

Eya Dude, I was looking at the forums for one off my own problems, and I found this thread:

color tracking within vvvv

I don’t know if it is what you are looking for, but I realy hope it helps.

bene i don’t think that something like that exists already. but if you are lucky there is something like that in the making…soon…

@joreg - looking forward to that :) is that person mayby you?

@west - thanks for the that hint, but unfortunatelly just one of the links to those old patches was working. the working one was a module of kalle (EQcolor) but with that module (which is nice) i have still the pipet problem.

so it seems to me that eyesweb is the only solution at the moment … shit :)

greetings benefit