Freeframe patch help?

Hello forum …

I am looking forward to do a patch with contour (or any other freeframe node) to move an object that already are in the screen … like a gone and comeback move ….


…. I try so many nodes (the spread nodes, get slice and everything that I saw in the tutorial patches) … the fact is that I do not know where to start … I ll be glad to get a direction, like nodes or any information that will lead me to get the patch done …… I think this is a simple freeframe patch (this is the reason I am mad about it) …. Any help will be very welcome !

Simple. I think it is there for you already. Create a Contour node, highlight it and press F1. The same goes for pretty much every node you find. keep asking if you have trouble though.

hey thanks for the reply … but i went trought all the tutorials (especially f1) … on the basic contour, you use the transform to “play” with the quad (via webcam) … i got something close with the pipet node …back to the laboratory !