Freeframe parameter

we are working on some additonal tracking plugins for v4 based on the freeframe standard. everything works fine so far except returning values back to v4.
at the moment we use some nasty workaround by sending values via color changes in some pixels analyzed by pipet :)

we had a look at the trautner code , trying to reverse engineer the way to return values BUT it would be much faster if some expert could quickly explain the relevant code.

the plugins will be published of course :) soooooon

very nice to hear that finally someone is catching up here…

can you be more specific about the problem?
i guess you’ve been reading here: HowTo FreeFramePlugins
i thought i explained it there. please let me know where you’re hanging…

stupid me…it’s all in ur documentation :
DWORD getNumOutputs(): function code = 20
char* getOutputName((DWORD) pParam): function code = 21
unsigned int getOutputType((DWORD) pParam): function code = 22
DWORD getOutputSliceCount((DWORD) pParam): function code = 23
float* getOutput((DWORD) pParam): function code = 24

you’ll also need to define the following structs:

typedef struct OutputConstsStructTag
unsigned int Type;
char Name16;
} OutputConstsStruct;

typedef struct OutputStructTag
DWORD SliceCount;
float* Spread;
} OutputStruct;

thats what i was looking for…cheers :)
and btw. there is already some robot driving with freeframe and vvvv along a white line. hope i convince my friend to put some pictures on this site