FreeFrame DetectObject

hi guys i downloaded this zip file and as i open the patch vvvv crashes and quit, with this message :

Thanks u for help :)


actually there is no need to download this extra since the .dll also ships with beta14. just create the DetectObject node. and see its helppatch.

if that shows the same error, you probably have a different version of openCV installed on your machine? vvvvs freeframe plugins depend on openCV 1.0 .dlls which are also shipped with vvvv in its \bin directory.

Hi, and thanks for reply, i had installed OpenCv in fact.

Anyway i disinstalled OpenCv, still crashing, removed all regKeysfrom syste registry, crashing, removed all regKeys for Eyesweb (some modules registered have OpenCv string), crashing, deleted libguide40.dll from eyesweb shit,crashing,rebooted several time…crashing :)

Now i checked envinronment variables on win ,“openCVsomething” not found…how can libguide40 be already initialized ?

libguide40.dll is part of opencv1.0 and ships with vvvv (in the \bin dir)

detectobject uses opencv and therefore loads libguide40.dll

are you still getting the same error? then you should probably find the libguide.lib or libguide.dll file and remove it for a test.

Pretty funny and curious, on my drive there is no file named libguide.lib or libguide.dll, i did some tests just for curiosity and i saw that i can run all freeframe samples except for the ObjectDetection, i can’t same way run scarfacefrom kalle, of course it uses same DLL…the only stutt i can think about is that i have devC++ installed, but i just define there include for OpenCv, i’m not that skilled but i think doesn’t count so much :)

now that is really strange. the other freeframes load the exact same opencv .dlls. if Contour e.g. make no problem, DetectObject shouldn’t so too.

how about building the .dll yourself?
just get the code::blocks ide, install opencv 1.0. all the sources and a project file are in the .zip. should be easy…

Well i’m gonna try, thought i’m not a c programmer, anyway, reinstalling open cv i’ll add again PATH to system…let’ see what happen :)

BTW, i got error in include, how can i include opnecv in that project using codeblock IDE ?

go to: project>build options

there you should see:

  • Release
  • Debug


then on the Linker and Directory tabs correct the paths. should do…

Well…i builded DLL, same result, guess has somethign to do with eyesweb environment…but sounds so strange :)

And what is funny (?) is there is no libguide file on HD…how can try to initialize ?

Anyway, pretty thanks for introduction in Codeblocks,actually i can’t just disiinstall eyesweb for a check (also cos i got fear nothing will change ),but cos i have presentation of project that uses eyesweb, one of my task is, in infact, to port that stuff into vvvv :D

It’s a mysterious world…still dunno why it happens…but shit, it happens, anyway finally i’m in lab so i build up a patch on a nother computer…what can i say :

  • it’s not matter about eyesweb installation (this other pc has eyesweb as well)

  • Has to be related to opencv previous installation (this pc doesn’t have opencv INstalled)

-dunno what it is.

Btw: finally o’m playing with haarcascades and detecobject, i’m using a full body haarcascade, and i didn’t get something, the algo referrs to whole frame or to a Bgsubtracted area ?
For curiousity i passed to detectobject a bgsubtracted frame, and it does’t recognize any region, so i thought detectObject does ti someway (maybe like trautner works)

ja, very strange, no idea. probably something went wrong uninstalling a previous openCV version?! even stranger that it only concerns only DetectObject and not the other freeframes.

never tried the fullbody cascades. but DetectObject works on the whole natural image. no previous bg-substraction needed.

Hi. i’ve a question, how to create or generate my own training file XML ??

installing opencv you get a

and a

file. haven’t tried it myself, but i think those will help.