FreeFrame changed?

I Just tried some freeframe plugins, I dont use them very often, I have some by Syzygy, which work OK in beta 8 but not in 8.1 or special, I dont know whether its a problem your end or whether to mention it to them?
Basically they load but they only have an input and an enable, no controls.


I can confirm this problem: the same with Inside-Us-All’s, Intrinsic’s and Vvarp’s.
But Petewarden’s seem to show all variables… (not all tested though).

Already wrote the developers, but maybe it’s not the plugins but something within VVVV?

sory for being late on that one.

i just checked that with petes, syzgys, the two free intrinsics and vvarps plugins. while petes plugs report the types of their pins correctly to vvvv syzgys hand back a random invalid number. same with the intrinsics and some of the vvarps. vvMaskStop and vvCutMix for example are working properly. in older vvvversions i didn’t check the pin types but always assumed them to be values between 0 and 1.

with beta8 i refined the code to more strictly follow the freeframe specification. vvvv now asks the plugins for their pin types and can therefore cope with bangs, valueranges and even string inputs (no colors yet though). i could introduce a fallback version where if no valid type comes back from the plugin i assume it to be a value between 0 and 1. but than this would be random on our side.

so i would like to hand this problem to the plugin developers. if any of you has contact you could ask if they have filled out the parameter types correctly according to the specs.

concerning patchbox:
i have tested that once and it worked.

Problem has been passed on already and the syzygies are having a look at it. Waiting for the other FF-developers.

Thanks for the reaction.

I’d be happy to look into why the bigfug FF plug-ins are not working in VVVV. They follow the specification as closely as possible so am a little perplexed as to why they don’t work in VVVV.

You can find the plugins here: bigfug

Please let me know what responses you’re getting to your getParameterType() calls

Best wishes,


uh strange. that must be a different problem. i tested scope, luma3d and motionmatte. they all report their pins correctly and the nodes show up correctly in the patch.

scope seems to work as expected. it paints a scope over the videoinput. luma3d just doesn’t change the input video in any way and motionmatte crashes. is that of any help?

Reaction from Intrinsic:

Its a general problem with all effects (apparently except pete’s) that when they were made, and later, the spec didnt contain types… types has come later, and entered into the 1.0 specs even tho all plugins (quite a lot) only had float values 0.0-1.0 and didnt report type…

However I guess us plugin developers should implement the type correctly, since it will open possibilities for as said strings, valueranges, events etc etc

I will look into this soon - maybe Ill go through my effects and make this type apparent… but most vj apps out there just deal with the parameter as a float… infact all do - afaik Smile

So my suggestion for now back to vvvv developers is to just implement all params as float… 0.0 to 1.0

Thomas / Intrinsic

jap. guess i’ll re-implement this as a fall back sollution. if no type is reported assume it is a float. next release will take some time still…


I wonder who’s first: FF-developers adapting to vvvv, or vvvv with new release.

Hurry! Hurry!


Just tried some of petes freeframe plugin, I daisy chained some and unenabled them all, on enabling 1 vvvv crashes.

we’ve updated most of our plugins - you can download the Syzygy Stripshow (v. 1.3) from our website now. I think I have sent hold on wait a minute to the vvvv users who have bought it, but if not let me know. same with chromatic abberations but we’ve not been able to complete that update before sonar…
let us know if there are any further problems… thanks to jerome and cat for alerting us to this issue.

sorry …

I’ve been in contact with the Inside-us-All plugins author about this issue, and to help figure out the problem, he sent me the source to one his simpler plugins. He said he follows the 1.0 freeframe spec. I’d like to forward the source of his plugin to one of the vvvv authors, so they can figure out where the problem actually resides. Who should I email the plugin’s source code to?


halo. pls send to me: joreg (AT) meso (DOT) net