Freeframe and Asvideo

… and hi again.

I’ve been trying to get freeframe to work with the asvideo node, and after checking various threads here and some help from a friend I figured it out. But…

now I want to make a switch so I can select different freeframe effects on the video (like a vj tool), but there’s a problem.

I use the Asvideo as input for the freeframe, and then the output of the freeframe to a vid texture onto a quad, into the renderer. This works.

But the Asvideo only has one output so I can’t link it to multiple Freeframe effects and switch with the switch node.

Any thoughts on this ?

ill attatch a screenie.

asvideoproblem.JPG (40.9 kB)

how is the performance if you are using one AsVideo node for every freeframe effect? never tried that… and: AsVideo in general will never be very fast. some freeframe effects can be made faster with shaders.


I know, but haven’t really got the time to dive into the shader technique. It’s planned for the future though ;)

Gonna check the performance right now if I do it like that. Does vvvv render only the output or also the asvideo nodes that are not connected to the renderer (prevented by a switch for example ?)

thx for the fast reply btw, got my final oexam of my study monday, and this is part of it :)

well, using a lot of asvideo nodes is BAD for the performance :/
So that’s not an option, any other suggestions ?

some days ago i saw a pach from @eno that switches connections with the SetPatch node, a modification of it should work: connection switch patch

how about chaining many freeframe-filters and using their enable-pins? disabling a freeframe filter passes through the image unmodified.

@joreg: Can’t do this, because I’m working on an audiovisual instrument and their enable pins are used for triggering the effects via midi from the audio sequencer. Might try it with wet/dry but then I can only use effects that have that pin.
Gonna try it though.

@tonfilm: Thanks, gonna check it out.

nfms, i don’t understand why you cant use the enable pins of chained freeframe filters like a switch.

@nfms, enabled pins: wouldnt something like OR or AND do the trick?

joreg: because they are already being used for triggering the effect via midi from my audio tool

but the or and might work, gonna try that