Fraps problem

fraps wont record whole renderer window under win7. have renderer set at 720 x 1080 and recorded video is only 400 x 600. did anybody come across this problem before?

Fraps records the BIGGEST window, or go to the BIGGEST window
you may also adjust parameters in its settings

well, it records the window i want, only thing is that only a part of it and there’s not much to do in settings of fraps. never happened to me before

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well, it records actual size of my renderer window no matter what backbuffer width and height i set up

ah yeah … normal. you need to set you renderer at the size you want, ant then use select and draw the area to capture

i don’t remember doing that in xp, what if i want to render higher resolution than my vga can handle?

as I understood it it screen captures the renderer, so will only capture the size of the renderer.
If you want to render higher res, its nrt time…

ok, thank you all!

If you want to render bigger than your hardware res, use writer connected to mainloop / change. Set mainloop rate at 25 or 30 fps
This will allow you to write a sequences of images you can re assemble after in an editing software

fraps in win7 should capture whatever res you have the backbuffer of the renderer set to, you can record in windowed mode and just press f12 to bring the framerate counter up, that will show you which window you’re recording from.

then you can actually have the on-screen window of the renderer set to whatever you like and it will always record at the resolution of the backbuffer, you can change that via the pins ontop of your renderer node. (also make sure in FRAPS it’s set to ‘Full-Size’ not ‘Half-Size’)

I realise you’ve said this is not working but this is exactly how it behaves in my setup, I’m running version 3.2.3

I think what karistouf is referring to with the drag mechanism is CamStudio, or am i wrong?

Hi lightmare drag is also in fraps with select option. I have same version as you and never obtain video size as backbuffer specified. Maybe a tricky nug in menus ? Thxs for the tip i will look again to it

curiouser and curiouser…

ha, so I’ve tried older versions and 3.2.2. works good and records any backbuffer just like Lightmare says, seems there’s some problem with new versions of Fraps

2.9.8 works like a charm :)