I plan to visit frankfurt during the week end of the 21nd september. Never been in germany yet !

It’d be great if i can meet some of guys from there and see some projects done with vvvv. Actually i’m checking plane prices.

If anyone have some hints about low cost airplanes compagny from bordeaux(bdx/fr) it 'd would be great.

Let me know if some of you are around the place.


one could say that meso are ‘around the place’, it’s the epicenter of vvvv ;)
maybe you can drop in there.

Yup it’d be amazing to visit meso !

maybe you can drop in there.

I wish i could !

@anachronik: as most vvvv users, you’re always welcome in the meso office :) just tell us, when you’ll visit us!

…and dont miss the latest meso vvvv projects at the Mercedes both at the IAA in the Festhalle. its yet another amazing work from eno, ingolf, sanch, jannis, ampop, me and other helpers :)

so kind :]

Just have to check my plane, i’ll arrive the friday 21th in the afternoon and leave the sunday 23th or maybe the 24.
I’ll let you know asap.

thx a lot !

yes, come by and say hello! friday afternoon would be fine.

Never been in germany yet !

please keep in mind that the environment of the meso-headquarter is not representative for other parts of germany.
It is ,ermmm,a little bit special around the railway station…
Although the headquarter of course is very nice.

Is this the only reason for you visiting frankfurt or do you have some other special aspects?

@oschatz: thx for the link i’ll try to be there on friday it’s a real mess with the plane but i’ll sort it.

@kalle: yup u’re right. I’m coming to meet the ppl from the vvvv krew mainly. I’d be please to see you again and offer you a drink.
I’ve some projects in mind too that lead me to come there.

I also want to spread the vvvv community in bordeaux, so…that just a first exploration ;)

@kalle: What’s wrong with a half bottle of wine and a pint of spoo on your doorstep now and then? Can’t see anything even a little bit special there.

Having a good time in posh wiesbaden, by the way?

yes, and you shared that bottle with your crackdealer, if it wasn’t stolen by that junkie lurking at you across the street.

btw.: wiesbaden is meant to be posh but in fact isn’t much better at all in this case. on my way to work i pass a place with cameras where lots of homeless, addicted people use to meet.

please don’t feel offended but that’s what i see when i visit this part of frankfurt.

In fact i’ll come mainly for meet some vvvv user.
I remenber what you told me about the frankfurt trainstation.

I think i’ll come back later for visiting germany but i’ll have to stay longer than 3 days. Phl kindly host me during my staying.

Actually i’m trying to find the simplest, cheaper and better way for travelling. By plane i’ve to switch between the 2 Paris airports and by train it’s too long for staying 3 days.

the cheapest i found at was 257€
and you don’t have to switch between airports.

btw. to your info:
frankfurt (hahn) is not the same like frankfurt/main. it’s about 100km from frankfurt/main (1 1/2h shuttlebus for about 20€ one direction)
and don’t choose frankfurt/oder, this is completely wrong

fly.png (91.4 kB)

by the way… did i already tell you where my flat is? :)

The cheapest is ryanair…
140€ Biarritz-Frankfurt

Thx for the infos guys !!!

Right now i’ve my plane tickets.
I’ll land at frankfurt the friday 21/09 at 5:30pm.
And i’ll come back to france the sunday 23/09 leaving frankfurt at 7:05pm.

I think i’ll land at the main frankfurt airport but i’m not sure.

@phl : nah you didn’t ;)

Btw did the vvvv guy like some bordeaux wine ?


if it’s ryanair you land in frankfurt-hahn, which is 100km away.
everything else should land in frankfurt/main.

Thx it isn’t ryan air so that’ll be frankfurt-main.
How far are you from frankfurt ?
Maybe i could visit you the saturday day ?

about 30 km.
but may be i come to frankfurt too.
we will see that right then.

you really should kalle :) !
@all: let’s grab a drink on friday or saturday evening!