On Saturday 28th of June 2011 i will pass France somewhere along these cities:

I’ll have to take a room somewhere in between.

somebody around here who wants to meet for a few beers in the evening?

p.s.: i do not speak french :(

Oh you will be very far! Why dont you take the road of normandy and stay at my home near vernon ?

a bit off topic… but can any french fellow recommend me a prepaid sim card with one month free/cheap mobile internet? im going 3 weeks to korsika soon, would be nice to use my android to have some basic internet there…


haha, i really would like to, but i am moving all my stuff from italy to germany with a 7,5 ton “Camion” and i just want to avoid “douane” trouble with switzerland…
so your place is for me really a bit far off the road.

next time kalle, next time. @tonfilm: SFR are usually interresting but i have a real doubt about prepaid card with internet habilities :-(

Hey, i’ll be at mapping in geneva and I live in annecy, which is not really far from chambery if you want to catch up let me know