Frames - selection and movement

hi all,

the colored comment frames are awsome! however, atm I am cleaning patches, commenting stuff etc. and I stumbled upon this problem: Existing frames do not move with the other nodes, even if they are selected as a whole. atm I have to delete all old comment regions and do them again.

comment region

it could be possible to “lock” theframe region with a checkbox down where the colors are, to have it behave like a normal region.

the idea here is that you typically don’t want a Frame to be included when it only touches your selection. so when you’re starting a selection and it only contains Frames, they are selected. as soon as you’re selecting nodes as well, those take precedence and only those are selected same goes for Links btw.

now if you still want to have Frames and/or Links included in your selection, you press SPACE to force everything to be selected.

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