Framerate chrashes when dragging the 2nd renderer on the 2nd screen

hello dear community.
anyone had that problem too? how solved?

well, as soon as i drag my 2nd renderer to the 2nd screen (im working in dualview-mode) my framerate crashes to 1 fps.
i have a bunch of textures loading, yes, but not too much, neither they are too big. the whole folder is around 40 mb, with approximately 90 files. my graficcard should handle this, its a nvidia 8800 gtx with 756 mb, should’nt it?

i already changed the “format” from all the filetexture-nodes in my patch to A1R5G585 (i came to this mode by the trial-and-error-method, since all those modes appear so cryptic to me). here i can run my patch with comfortable 60 fps. cool. but in this mode, the textures get fruzzled and i cannot use them like this.

hm… the funny thing is: this morning everything worked fine, then i changed a folder from the dir-node, which is connected to the a FileTexture-node, and i think the problem occured since that moment.
any ideas?
thanks alot

any reason why you use dualview and not span mode?

search the vvvvorums for spanmode.
you should find some related threads.

hi kalle
um… yes.because i have a world where i have several spots from which i get my transformations for the final setup… when i glue them together via a dx9texture i loose the antialiasing. i think thats the reason. or is there another way?

anyhow, i figured out some more stuff: i have a very suspicious folder of the nonsurprisingly size of 4.5 mb full of png´s. when i remove this folder and reload the associated filetexture-node, it works fine again. so i will reconvert them somehow and see what will happen
thanks alot.