Frameplayer blend mix combination


i want to play a 1000 frame sequenz of dds files with frameplayer. over this background layer I want to play small loop sequenzen mit Blend Mixer, mode screen. The small loop sequenzes are played with Filetexture and Preloader,

I failed to input the frameplayer texture into the Blend Mixer Input 1. How can I combine these two nice nodes.

somehow I do not see any way.

on the other hand the frame rate goes to 0 when I am using 3 Blend Mixer notes… is there a way to make a 4 layer mixer?

you could post a patch, then it would be easier to help out. perhaps also with a couple of DDS files to see if there is something off

Your not trying to use a dx11 blend with a dx9 frame player are you?


I actually try a new approach, see zip file. the files for the first frameplayer aren’t in the package, onyl one still image, you have to use some other files (these player should play from the ssd).

the other frameplayer use dxt5 test files with timecode. everything is playing fine now, when using the fullscreenquad, only the screen mode didn’t show the right output.

the blend mode didn’t work and I could not blend the red quad, left mousedown. (switch to blend mode and it works)

root_blend_mixer_frameplayer // root_frameplayer_mixer_problem
I can use the Blend Mixer with the FileTexture Player, with Frameplayer it dind’t work. The Screen mode of the Blend Mixer is fine.

I think the best solution should be to use the Blend Mixer with FramePlayer. But for me it didn’t work. (1.8 MB)

I made an error using the the blend ex9 texture. now its working.