Framedrops in latest alpha if Skia+DX11 Renderer present

Just open the patch and wait a little/maybe click in the Skia Renderer … at some point my FPS would drop to about 6fps.

What I also noticed: If I open the VL Patch and close it with Ctrl+W, the Skia Text disappears. (3.6 KB)

The FPS drop doesn’t happen on a different machine with an integrated intel gpu, can anyone confirm this on another Nvidia machine?

Have it running now for 10min on a nvidia and stable

Tested this on latest alpha (5de2f6d53a)
i7-5930K+Nvidia Titan Black - No FPS drop
i7-8550U+Intel UHD Graphics 630 - No FPS drop
i7-8550U+Nvidia GTX 1050 eGPU - No FPS drop

Might be very specific to your setup.

Seems to have been a driver issue.
I had GeForce Experience Overlay as a bugger in mind, so I started it up and the problem went away after this resulted in a new driver being installed …

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