Framedelay spreaded initialize

is there a way how to make framedelay initialize pin spreaded? is it feature or bug?

when you use framedelay for a feedback with + (simple counter), if you want to initialize spreads separately, it wont work, only first spread will work as a reset, and it resets all counters in spread

i know there are different solutions for this that work {counter is totally fine for this, you can spread reset} but i am just wondering if this could work

well, we always trying to find a balance between

  • a manageable, overseeable node library
  • covering all thinkable cases.

now what you are suggesting is in the grey area between potentially needed in rare cases and definately blowing up the node lib.

we needed a framedelay “advanced” that works with spreads of spreads for input and default, and a normal spread on the init (for all standard types).

it is pretty much comparable to the discussion here:
S+H doesn’t work if NIL in Input and spread in Set pin

since there was no more feedback on that issue i am not totally sure if we really need all these versions?

please vote guys.

if this needs a lot of work i don’t think it is necessary, as i said there are alternatives that works well enough

only thing i noticed is that counter has a little bit problem with real numbers, it likes mostly integers, so framedelay counter is handy if you are doing things that rely on frame by frame animation, where you need exact numbers, when using mainloop in increment mode (also integrate is actually based on time, not on frame by frame calculation, so that can be a bummer in this case, and framedelay does exactly that)