Framebased delay

Hi vvvv team,

It could be nice to have a node like “framedelay” node but with the possibility to choose the number of frame to delay… Or like the “delay” node but framebased.

I know it’s possible to do it with counter or other tips, but it could be convenient to have this possibility directly in the framedelay node.

Does someone else agree with that? Or is there something I missed ?

Thanks by advance

why not use the queue?

right queue or as much framedelay nodes as you need.
Okay the node would make sense if you want to delay something for thousands of frames… (?)

framedelay > getslice set to index -1 (will choose the last slice)

Humm I didn’t know that the queue node was a good tips for that !

Thanks to all of you !

or try this one…

FrameDelay (Animation Advanced).zip (4.6 kB)